Mukhin Vadym, National Technical University of Ukraine “Kiev Polytechnical Institute”, Kiev, Ukraine

Kornaha Yaroslav, National Technical University of Ukraine “Kiev Polytechnical Institute”, Kiev, Ukraine

Language: ukrainian


The distributed databases are used in the various applications: education, industry, transport, business, management. In particular, such databases are widely used in universities to support the automation of the learning process and to accelerate the data processing. An important element for the data processing rate determining is the average estimation of the queries processing in databases. The time data processing is depended on the many factors that are associated with the data processing on the server and data transfer via a computer network. The queries’ processing in the database servers is needed more time than on the packet. It should be developed a formal model of the database and calculated the average time of queries processing. In this work is described the evaluation of the query processing time on servers in heterogeneous distributed databases. There is defined the main areas and time needed for data processing. There is shown the changing in the time for the application processing when the queries processing monitoring and the methods for speed up the queries processing are used.

Key words:

distributed database, indices, query processing, data model


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