Pilipenko Oleg, Chernihiv National University of Technology (95 Shevchenka Str., 14027 Chernihiv, Ukraine)

Poluyan Anatolii, Chernihiv National University of Technology (95 Shevchenka Str., 14027 Chernihiv, Ukraine)

Language: russian


Urgency of the researchWorked out algorithm of calculation, the selection of optimal parameters and construction of model of multimass chain transmission and drive on the whole requires verifications of their efficiency by means of afterproject comparative diagnostics.

Target settingDevelopment and verification of the new approach to calculation and projecting of multimass transmissions and drives, consisting in the selection of their parameters for providing of high dynamic quality and lowered energy consumption.

Actual scientific researches and issues analysisThe existent methods of projecting do not provide the capacity of multimass chain-drive during the set tenure of employment and decline of energy consumption, because they do not take into account multimassity of transmissions and dynamic processes, accompanying functioning of such system.

Uninvestigated parts of general matters definingVerification of efficiency of the worked out method of calculation and project construction of multimass chain drives by means of afterproject comparative diagnostics.

The research objectiveRealization of afterproject comparative diagnostics of projecting of multimass chain drive by means of the worked out software product "Calculation of n-mass of chain-drive", drawing on a programmatic complex "SolidWorks".

The statement of basic materialsThe practical use of the worked out software product is presented. The decline of necessary engine of drive and dynamic loading power is shown as a result of selection of optimal parameters of chain-drive efficiency of the use of the worked out engineering design technique of multimass transmissions and drives is analysed in the polymeric optimized execution.

Conclusions. Comparison of mean values of experimental and theoretical research testifies to high efficiency of the use of the worked out software product for the optimal selection of parameters of transmissions and drives of any complication.

Key words:

methodology of projecting, multimass chain drive, afterproject comparative diagnostics, efficiency


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