Voіtenko Volodymyr, Chernihiv National University of Technology (95 Shevchenka Str., 14027 Chernihiv, Ukraine)

Bilorus Ihor, Chernihiv National University of Technology (95 Shevchenka Str., 14027 Chernihiv, Ukraine)

Language: ukrainian


Urgency of the research. The widespread of microcontrollers with ARM architecture raises sharply the question of training professionals capable of developing hardware and software for electronic systems on the basis of these ICs, including the automation systems research.

Target setting. Quality training in technical branches is possible while solving the problem of providing the educational process with modern laboratory equipment, the acquisition of which requires considerable resources.

Actual scientific researches and issues analysis. There are many hardware devices for the software debugging and using of microcontrollers in research and education. These devices differ in the available range of hardware, functionality and price.

Uninvestigated parts of general matters defining. Despite of the large number of hardware platforms, the ratio between the different capabilities of laboratory studies of electronic systems and equipment cost remains a problem for the current economic situation in Ukraine. It is therefore necessary an independent design and production of development boards.

The research objective. Aim of the paper is sharing of experience of developing and implementing in research and education of the "Inel-STM" development board which based on embedded processor with ARM microcontroller architecture.

The statement of basic materials. It is offered the structure of the new "Inel-STM" development board, the base expansion board and components intended for practical acquaintance of embedded processor with the ARM® Cortex®-M4 architecture. This complex can be used in specialized computer systems, research, development and research management systems, metering, security, biomedical and other electronic systems using built-in interfaces.

Conclusions. Successful testing of the "Inel-STM" development board which based on 32-bit microcontroller can use it in research of intelligent industrial controllers and significantly improve the quality of teaching and learning of disciplines in the field of electronics.

Key words:

ARM microcontroller architecture, tool and application software, automatic control system, display system


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