Alekseyevskiy Dmitriy, Zaporozhe State Engineering Akademy, Zaporozhe, Ukraine

Pankova Olga, Zaporozhe State Engineering Akademy, Zaporozhe, Ukraine

Shchipanskiy Pavel , Zaporozhe State Engineering Akademy, Zaporozhe, Ukraine

Language: russian


Urgency of the researchThe scheme with aerodynamic multiplication is one of the most promising alternative directions developments of wind power plant (WPP) in currently time. The presence in this scheme aeromechanical double conversion link puts specific requirements to the controller, which is based on its mathematical model.

Target setting. Under the controller synthesis, used the system transfer function. It is based on the linearized model. Since the model parameters take a different values for different operating points, there arises problem of determining depending on the operating point.

Actual scientific researches and issues analysisIn recent years, publications dealt mainly questions related to analysis of the system with aerodynamic multiplication energy characteristics and its effectiveness. Also, present articles in which considers the system mathematical models, among other things, in the transfer function form.

Uninvestigated parts of general matters definingChanges operating point coordinates, depending on the wind speed, requires constant change controller parameters. Study transfer function parameters when changing wind speed formerly considered was not.

The research objectiveThe study purposes was to investigate changes in the linearized model parameters and the transfer function coefficients depending on the operating point.

The statement of basic materialsInfluence operating point coordinate analysis on the linearized model parameters and the transfer function carry out on base determining the dependence these parameters value on the wind speed. These dependences were received on methodology proposed by the authors previously.

ConclusionsThe resulting linearized model coefficients dependence allow for the correction of the wind power plant with aerodynamic multiplication controller parameters depending on the values of the wind velocity.

Key words:

wind plant, generator, coefficient, transfer function, aerodynamical multiplication, wind turbine


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