Martynov Sergii, National University of Water and Environmental Engineering (11 Soborna Str., 33028 Rivne, Ukraine)

Minaeva Nataliya, Technical College National University of Water Management and Nature Resources Use (35 Orlova Str., 33028 Rivne, Ukraine)

Kunitskyi Sergiy, National University of Water and Environmental Engineering (11 Soborna Str., 33028 Rivne, Ukraine)

Language: ukrainian


Urgency of the research. Due to the difficult economic situation in Ukraine, destruction of infrastructure, destruction of existing pipelines in the east acutely raised the question of providing the population with quality drinking water. It is necessary that the process water treatment was simple and cheap. Best suited for this purpose - the groundwater, which often do not require any water treatment measures.

Target setting. Given the fact that the construction of the complex treatment facilities are relatively costly, and given the constant increase in energy prices, it is necessary to introduce such installations, which will combine purifying filters with other water supply facilities.

Actual scientific researches and issues analysis. Experience in developing water iron removal plants and building tower stations allowed a number of stations tower, where the filter material used - conventional sand or expanded polystyrene filter. However, most of the proposed systems have several drawbacks.

Uninvestigatigated parts of general matters defining. On the reasons of contemporary condition analysis of ensuring qualitative drinkable water in village and the problem of combining existing edifice at water supply system and cleaning filters decision; and to install the construction of tower-column with de-ironing water device.

The research objective. In this paper, given reconstruction of water pumping tower, it is relatively cheap in design and exploitation.

The statement of basic materials. The offers construction was introduced in the village of Bohonuku in Vinnitska region. The analysis of metal water tower working conditions was introduced. The results of investigation of technologic parameters the de-ironing process on lacerated working conditions were obtained. Experiments at working tower unit were conducted and results of the offered device effectiveness were confirmed.

Conclusions. The results of water supply and water treatment are put into practice in Ukrainian villages.

Key words:

drinking water, iron removal, tower installation, metal water tower, floating filling, expanded polystyrene filter


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