Protsenko Vladyslav, Kherson state marine academy, Kherson, Ukraine

Language: ukrainian


Urgency of the research. Construction of modern high-level drives requires formation of protective devices.

Target setting. Improvement of existing and making new safety couplings designs is the actual task of modern machinery science.

Actual scientific researches and issues analysis. The study of safety bearing couplings involved many researchers. However, these structures for the most part are not able to compensate for misalignment and self installation elements.

Uninvestigated parts of general matters defining. The design of a safety profile roller clutch equipped with rope elastic elements is present in the article. However, its parameters to date have been investigated insufficiently.

The research objective. Investigation of the design and operational parameters on the characteristics of the new clutshes is the purpose of this article.

The statement of basic materials. The expressions for the calculation couplings basic characteristics for different occasions her work are obtained. The effects on the coupling characteristics of a number design and operational parameters are analyzed. In particular, the influence on the load capacity and performance of precision actuation of the size of semicouplings, diameter of the roller axes and coefficients of friction are studiedThe impact of these indicators are jamming the rollers on their axes is analyzed. It is shown that the variation of friction coefficient and jamming the rollers slightly affect the coupling characteristics. The received results have practical value for couplings designing.

Conclusions. It is identified that the proposed design of centrifugal roller profile protective sleeve has a high precision operation. The accuracy of operation significantly affect the design and operational parameters. It is proved that in terms of the increased precision couplings and reduction in the operation should take the roller axis diameter of the minimum conditions to ensure its durability. It is shown that coupling can have sufficiently stable parameters in the operation because it has low sensitivity to changes in the coefficient of sliding friction in connections of its elements. Increasing friction coefficient 4 times resulting in increasing response torque of clutches to 7%. In impossibility of rollers rotation on its axes (for example when they wedgingclutch retains its load capacity. But its torque increased only by 2.4%. This fact confirms of new coupling high operational performance.

Key words:

clutch, rope, load capacity, torque, response accuracy, roller


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