Humen Mykola, National Aviation University (1 Kosmonavta Komarova Av., 03068 Kyiv, Ukraine)

Humen Tamara, I. Sikorsky National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute» (37 Pobeda Av., 03056 Kyiv, Ukraine)

Language: ukrainian


Urgency of the research. Gas pipelines play an important role in the life of society, and their destruction may cause severe ecological consequences. So the ensuring of monitoring of pipeline technical condition to prevent emergency situations is urgent.

Target setting. Huge length and branching of pipelines in Ukraine significantly restricts the use of known systems of diagnosis of their condition.

Actual scientific researches and issues analysis. Performed analysis shows that the most effective technical means of gas pipelines monitoring are telecommunication systems on the basis of modern network technology.

The research objective. It is necessary to propose the telecommunication system for detecting the places of gas pipelines leakage, for ecological monitoring of the environment, for protection of gas pipeline from unauthorized access and for ensuring the information interchange between the system components and the central unit.

The statement of basic materials. Telecommunication system of gas pipeline monitoring detects gas leakage, provides control and testing of gas pipeline operation on the basis of wireless technologies, provides information interchange between the equipment and the central control unit, monitors the environmental situation and protects the object from unauthorized access. The key components of the system are router, wireless infrared detectors of gas leakage, wireless temperature sensors, vibration sensors, vibration converters and industrial Ethernet video cameries. The system is compatible with GSM network. To reduce the dependence of system elements on the central power source the several autonomous sources are used.

Conclusions. Today, in the gas-transport sector there is increased demand for multifunctional and complex solutions when monitoring and information services can be carried out with the use of modern telecommunications facilities that allows processing and receiving the information in the format of a single interface.

Key words:

gas pipelines, telecommunication system, technical diagnostics, sensor, safety of exploitation, off-wire network technologies


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