Zhulinska Oksana, Kharkiv Trade and Economic Institute Kiev National Trade and Economic University (8 OtakarYarosh lane, 61045 Kharkіv, Ukraine)

Svidlo Karyna, Kharkiv Trade and Economic Institute Kiev National Trade and Economic University (8 OtakarYarosh lane, 61045 Kharkіv, Ukraine)

Language: ukrainian


Urgency of the research. Existing mathematical models (desirability function) only allow you to assess the quality of the products and processes of different nature, but not developed effective mathematical method for defining an integrated index of product quality functionality.

Target setting. The solution to the problem of quality and safety of functional food products (FHP) is complex, requires taking into account branch features of formation of quality at all stages of agricultural production, its processing, storage, transportation and marketing of finished products.

Actual scientific researches and issues analysis. In [4,5,6] as a function for translation of different sizes of quality indicators in a dimensionless quantity used function of desirability of Harrington, which has the double exponential form [7]. To obtain a General assessment of the quality of the product there is a need to normalize the results of the experiment.

Uninvestigated parts of general matters defining. The existing legislation need to make the normative parameters of quality and safety, as well as rules that would oblige manufacturers to label food accordingly, products having the status of functional.

The research objective. The application of this technique (assessment of the quality of FHP with the use of affine transformations) yields the most accurate indicators of the quality of the results of the sample.

The statement of basic materials. A more accurate (generalized) model of evaluation has FHP. Definition of numerical characteristics of the model. Analysis of this model and compared to previous quality assessments. Building assessment for physical chemical problems with the use of affine transformations that can be applied in any ideal sense.

Conclusions. The results obtained for the mixture distribution of maximum and minimum values of random variables allowed us to create a method of evaluating the quality of the product that allows you to solve a number of practical tasks and can be used in the method of monitoring of indicators of quality and safety for physical chemical problems; ensuring compliance with technical conditions, legal reg.

Key words:

functional foods, quality control and safety, mathematical method, mathematical expectation, dispersion, average quadratic deviation, the Central moment of third order, Central moment of fourth order, the coefficient of skewness and coefficient of kurtosis


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