Scientific journal “Technical sciences and technologies”  is included in the following databases:​

Ukrainika naukova is a Ukrainian nationwide bibliographic database containing abstracts and citations for publications in the technical, medical, natural and social sciences (including humanities), launched by The Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine and the Institute for Information Recording of NAS (Ukraine). It is also supplied printed as “Dzherelo”.​​​​​ Reference.​

The scientific databases of Index Copernicus include and parametrise data related to scientific journals, research units as well as the scientists and their achievements. Reference.​

Search Engine Google Scholar ( is part of the Google Chrome browser and it is maintained by Google. This is searching and non-commercial bibliometric system which indexes scientific publications and gives data on their citation. Reference.​

The "Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine" ( - is a national technological platform based on Open Journal Systems (OJS), which provides for scientific periodicals of Ukraine the processes of editorial processing, publications, and support after publication. The resource is developed on the basis of voluntary mutually beneficial partnership of publishers, who wish, are able, and willing to work in high-tech web-oriented environment as well as scientific libraries and information centers of Ukraine. The project involves three aspects of integration of publishers: Common implementation of OJS, Use of single national register of subjects and objects of the publishing process, observance of common principles of publishing and editorial policy. Collaboration of "scientific periodicals of Ukraine" with leading  international aggregators of scientific and information resources, national and academic libraries of world allows to simplify for the publishers-participators the process of entering their publications in prestigious abstract databases, directories and search engines. Editions of "scientific periodicals of Ukraine" are fully represented in the global federative library catalog WorldCat, in the catalogues of scientific libraries, on the search platforms Google Scholar, Bielefeld Academic Search Engine, OpenAIRE and others through software platform. Private limited company «Publishing Service URAN» has a license of authorized provider to an international registry ORCID, which allows the interested publishers-participators promptly to update profiles of their authors with date about new published articles. Reference.​

CrossRef ( is an association of publishers of scientific publications (magazines, monographs, collections of conferences materials), created to develop and support the world-wide high-tech infrastructure of scientific communications. The main task of CrossRef is to promote the widespread use of innovative technologies to accelerate and facilitate research. CrossRef focuses on issues of developing an electronic infrastructure for mutual citation of scientific publications. The CrossRef Association supports the common worldwide mutual citation service, which functions as a kind of gateway between e-publisher platforms. This service does not store full texts of scientific publications, but it retains information about the links between publications through the technology of Digital Object Identifier (CrossRef DOI), as well as the metadata of published scientific materials. Thanks to this system researchers can use the functionality of the global scientific-publishing environment level.
CrossRef members now are 5,000 publishers from all over the world. The CrossRef citations database covers more than 75 million journal articles and other types of scientific publications (monographs, data sets, dissertations, technical reports).