Kelemen Michal , Technical University of Košice (Letna 9, 04200 Košice, Slovak Republic)

Language: english


Urgency of the research. There is a need for service robots for cleaning, cutting the grass, vacuum cleaners, waste collectors etc. Service robots also can help with dangerous application like mine removing or inspection of dangerous places.

Target setting. Puck collecting robot is designed for collecting of wood pucks in arena and bringing to home position.

Actual scientific researches and issues analysis. Other similar task is collecting of products on production line in facto-ry. Next possible application is collecting of any fruits or vegetable on plantation.

Uninvestigated parts of general matters defining. The questions of the design of waste collecting robots are uninvestigated, because the next research will be focused to this.

The research objective. Puck collecting competition is based on collecting of pucks of selected colour and bringing to home position of the same colour. Two wheeled concept of the robot with differentially driven wheels has been selected for high manoeuvrability on small place.

The statement of basic materials. Locomotion System structure consist of undercarriage with two geared DC motors with rubber wheels with diameter 110 mm controlled via using of locomotion microcontroller. Puck collecting system in-cludes mechanical collector with puck color sensor, home base color sensor, puck sorter and puck handling microcontroller.

Conclusions. Key role of the solved robotic project is obtaining of practical experiences from the robot design and building. Robot developing is as perfect example of practical exercises. The robot is also designed as didactic tool for stu-dents training. The task of this mobile robot is similar to application in industry.

Key words:

mobile robot; locomotion; sensor; color recognition; navigation.


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