Marcinko Peter, Technical University of Kosice (Park Komenskeho 8, 04200 Kosice, Slovak Republic).

Juruš Ondrej , Technical University of Košice, Faculty of mechanical engineering, Department of Manufacturing Technology (Letna 9,042 00 Košice, Slovak Republic)

Language: english


Urgency of the research. Interest in this subject is aroused because, in the available sources, this kinematic structure is the least documented, even though it is required in certain applications (fast assembly of small parts,...).

Target setting. The main goal was to design a workplace with a Scara robot. This workplace is used by the student to verify their theoretical knowledge gained from lectures in practice. They can try programming the robot, but also work with the camera system.

Actual scientific researches and issues analysis. In 1961, (USA) the first industrial robot Unimate was put into the industrial practise for General Motors for welding of vehicle body. Since this industrial robot deployment has gone on for many years and many changes have been made in the field of industrial robotics in terms of mechanical properties and industrial robot control systems, taking account the requirements of applications in technical practise.

Uninvestigated parts of general matters defining. This article focuses on analysis of the proposed of workplace with robot of kinematic structure Scara and parts of workplace.

The research objective. The aim of the research was to design and assembly workplace with robot Scara with camera system by Omron.

The statement of basic materials. The analysis consists of basic information about kinematic structure of Scara robots. Based on this knowledge the 3D model of workplace and parts is described.

 Conclusions. The robot workplace with the Scara robot and the Omron F150 camera system is designed for students to verify the theoretical knowledge gained from the lectures in practice. At the same time, the workplace can be used to solve and verify the knowledge in solving various projects related to the use of CCTV systems in a robotic workplace. Due to long-term use of the workplace in the educational process, where students were able to intervene in software and hardware equipment, several parts of the workplace were damaged. The next step is to upgrade the entire workplace.

Key words:

kinematics scara; camera system; workplace.


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