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Urgency of the research. The urgency of the research topic is the need to continuously monitor and control the quality of underground drinking water, which is used not only for the needs of the population of Chernihiv, but also for the production of products that are being exported.

Target setting. The quality of underground drinking water, which is extracted from different fields, depends on many factors, in particular, on the technical means and technologies that are used in this process. Therefore, it is important to know how these issues are resolved at the Chernihiv field.

Actual scientific researches and issues analysis. There are no publications on the techniques and technologies that are used in the extraction of underground drinking water of Chernihiv field. The article presents the technical and technological results of underground drinking water production of Chernihiv field, which have not been published.

Uninvestigated parts of general matters defining. The general water problem has an extremely wide range of unexplored parts. These include classification of underground waters, metamorphism (change) of them with depth, technology of disinfection of water, etc.

The research objective. The objective was to inform a wide range of interested individuals and legal entities about the technical and technological results of underground water production of Chernihiv field.

The statement of basic materials. Chernihiv branch of PJSC "SAN In Bev Ukraine" uses drinking underground water of Chernihiv field to provide its own domestic and industrial needs. The composition of the water intake, which operates this field includes wells 1, 2, 3. Well 1 (depth 135m) produces water from the buchat aquifer (Paleogene), wells 2 and 3 (depth 702 and 710 m) – with Cenomanian – lower Cretaceous deposits. Accounting for the extracted water is carried out through the meter PROMAG 53" German company "Endress+Hauser". During the operation of the field there is a constant monitoring of the quality characteristics of water. The main criterion for assessing the quality of water is the stability and immutability of the chemical composition and its compliance with San PIN D 2.2.4-171-2 10.

To prevent contamination of groundwater around the well equipped with a zone of strict sanitary regime. The territory of the zones is fenced.  Surface runoff is discharged outside the plant. In the zone of strict regime prohibited the holding of any mining engineering and construction works. The article contains a schematic diagram of water supply, the scheme of arrangement of the head of wells, the scheme of water treatment.

Conclusions. Pollution of aquifers and complexes which are equipped with water intake wells Chernihiv branch of PJSC "SAN In Bev Ukraine" naturally impossible. Priority attention in the design of wells should be paid to their design features, isolation of aquifers lying higher in the section above the horizon, scheduled for operation to prevent pollution through the annulus.

Key words:

well, groundwater, water intake, field, equipment, technique, technology.


1. SanPin 2.2.4-171-10 «Hygienic requirements to potable water intended for human consumption».