Vladimir Balaz, Technical University of Kosice (Park Komenskeho 8, 04200 Kosice, Slovak Republic).

Semjon Jan , Technical University of Kosice (Park Komenskeho 8, 04200 Kosice, Slovak Republic).

Rudolf Rusnak, 2R Invest s.r.o., Bratislava, Slovakia

Language: english


The contribution describes workstation recognition undirected objects. The workstation is equipped robot Scara Yamaha YK600X, which is used for handling and palletizing of parts. Recognition component is used CCD camera Omron F150-3. Workstation transport system consists of two vibration trays, vibration conveyor and two belt conveyors. Control workstation is built on the base PLC omron CP1H.

Key words:

control system, visual system, robot SCARA


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