Jozef Varga, Technical University of Kosice (Park Komenskeho 8, 04200 Kosice, Slovak Republic).

Janos Rudolf , Technical University of Kosice (Park Komenskeho 8, 04200 Kosice, Slovak Republic).

Marek Sukop, Technical University of Kosice (Park Komenskeho 8, 04200 Kosice, Slovak Republic).

Mikulas Hajduk, Technical University of Kosice (Park Komenskeho 8, 04200 Kosice, Slovak Republic).

Duchovic Peter, VIPO (a.s. Gen. Svobodu 1069/4, 958 01 Partizanske, Slovakia)

Bezak Martin, VIPO (a.s. Gen. Svobodu 1069/4, 958 01 Partizanske, Slovakia)

Language: english


This article describes the design options of sensing weight based on the principle of strain gauges. Measuring method is based on the measurement of deformations on the surface of the body, which is converted to the change in electrical resistance. This is an electrical resistance sensor, which consists of smaller cross-section wire of a suitable material and substrate for wire attached. Depending on what principle the sensor works, there are various types: such as bending, membrane, staple, ring and other. Moreover, the sensor can be made of different materials, most often of steel or aluminum alloy. The article describes two options of measuring the bead wires: dynamic measurement about the effector and measurement on the measuring stand.

Key words:

bead wire, weight measuring, strain gauge


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