№1 (1), 2015 Technical sciences and technology

1. Hrytsіuk Vitaliі — Calculation of a body іmpact on a cantilever beam.
2. Savchenko Olena, Derkach Oleh, Yushchenko Svitlana — Determination of effective dynamic characteristics of the electro-viscoelastic composite materials.
3. Kharzhevskyi Viacheslav — Numerical synthesis of the unsymmetric linkage straight-line mechanisms with 5th order of tangency.


4. Stepanov Mikhail, Ivanova Мarina — Research of the influence of thermomechanical phenomena and combined axial tool parameters on cutting forcе.
5. Khriestin Roman — Design of the structure of the mathematical model of the energy block electric arc furnace.


6. Artiukh Tetiana — Usage of aluminium alloy in the manufacture of frames.
7. Bolotov Gennadyi, Oleksiienko Serhii, Bolotov Maksym — Hand arc welding of builds steels by a littleampere arc with modulation of current.
8. Ivanov Vitaliy, Lavrova Yelena, Solidor Nataliya, Morgay Fedor — Study of electric arc overlaying process of corrosion-resistant layer by strip electrodes with a controlled mechanical transfer.


9. Kazymyr Volodymyr, Posadska Alina — Network planning in real time mode using the temporal logic.
10. Trofymchuk Оleksandr, Kriazhych Оlha — Piecewise polynomial approximation of gully features.
11. Bokhanov Іvan — Application of geographic information systems in military affairs.
12. Volokyta Artem, Kaplunov Artem, Lupynos Albina — Using an algorithm bacteria of behavior to simulate load on a client-server network.
13. Zaitsev Serhii — Parametrical adaptation of turbocodes under a priori uncertainty.
14. Zaritskyi Oleh — Using basis of communication theory for developing of professional activity modeling informational systems.
15. Korniіenko Ihor — Efficiency of functioning of the automated cadastral system.
16. Korniіenko Ihor, Korniіenko Svitlana — The geoinformation space discretization in the simulation of electromagnetic pollution.
17. Korniіenko Ihor, Koshma Artem — Decomposition of the issue of formation of the space system of the network of household waste disposal.
18. Kryachok Serhiі, Mamontova Liudmyla — The development of a spatial mathematical model of a permanent amendment of electronic rangefinders.
19. Melnyk Olena — Reseach of characteristics of the algorithm in scheduling by the criteria of the total earliness-tardiness with one device adjustment depending on the sequence.
20. Tereshchuk Oleksii, Nystoriak Ivan — Expirience of functioning of the permanent gnss-station «сhernihiv» (cniv) in epn network.
21. Chediya Nugzar, Chkhartishvili Marina — Solution for network unload of operator’s category based on wi-fi technology.
22. Osidach Andrii — Mathematical model of electronic document.
23. Serhiienko Оleksandr, Topal Artur, Vysloukh Serhii — Pattern recognition as an efficient tool for resolving tasks of instrument engeneering.
24. Nesterenko Sergiy, Nesterenko Yuliia — Model oriented method of bit error rate measurement in 802.11 wireless networks.


25. Sinchyk Oleg, Mikhaylichenko Dmitriy, Boyko Sergiy, Gorodniy Aleksiy — Analysis of high-voltage processes in the system synchronous electric motor with igb transistor inverters in the circuit of stator and rotor.
26. Alekseyevskiy Dmitriy — Explanation of the auto optimization effect of a wind power plant electromechanical system with an aerodynamic multiplication.


27. Dudla Iraida — Actuality of import substitution of cellulose raw material in the production of paper products in ukraine.
28. Aslanian Serhii, Antiushko Dmytro, Kuchynska Anna — Social significanse of the products’ for enteral nutrition development and adoption.
29. Denysenko Tetiana — Organoleptic and physicochemical methods of evaluation of quality of drinking milk offered by in the network of the city of chernihiv.


30. Ivanova Inna, Kotelchuk Andrii, Siemaka Oleksii, Krupko Vitalii — Development of recommendations land of conservation through recycling sludge cards.
31. Kovalenko Oleksandr — Modeling of the event of radioactive contamination by tritium.
32. Kovalenko Svitlana — Peculiarities of training of specialists in “geodesy, cartography and land management” in сhernihiv national university of technology.
33. Tereshchuk Oleksii, Narovlianska Oleksandra — Construction of piecewise linear model for soil samples.
34. Movenko Victor, Novyk Petro — Some issues of of-shore defence river zones of ukraine.
35. Sydorenko Iryna — State control over rational use and protection of land.
36. Voroniuk Yuliia, Bespalko Ruslan — Actual issues of land degradation in the carpathian region and their solving prospects by system approach.
37. Shcherbak Yuliia, Ivanov Viktor, Bryn Mikhail — The substantiation of parameters of theodolite lines when performing cadastral survey.