№4 (10), 2017 Technical sciences and technology


1. Kovalevskyy Serhiy, Kovalevska Olena — About nonperiodic oscillations at dynamic loads of executive mechanism of mobile machines with parallel kinematics.
2. Tonkonogyi Volodymyr, Yakimov Olekcii, Bovnegra Liubov, Beznos Svitlana, Dobrovolskyi Vitalii — Reducing the thermal factor in flat abrasive grinding.
3. Pasov Hennadii, Sliednikova Olena, Kolohoida Antonina — Animation modeling of river and wrench-recharge transmissions for establishing a primary linear motion.
4. Rudyk Andrii, Rudik Vlad — Effective shape formation of rotation surfaces with the butt end of wheel.
5. Kalchenko Dmytro — Theoretical and experimental investigations of the process of double-sided grinding the end faces with skew axes of cylindrical parts, and circles with calibrated parts.


6. Falchenko Yurii, Novomlinets Oleg, Petrushynets Lidiia, Nahorna Iryna — Basic usage of surface physical-chemical processes for precision pressure welding.
7. Novomlinets Oleg, Oleksiienko Serhii, Yushchenko Svitlana, Polovetskii Evgenii — Precision pressure welding of aluminium alloys.
8. Bolotov Gennadyi, Bolotov Maksym — Features of connection of compozite materials in machine units and building structures.
9. Klimenko Anton, Anisimov Vladimir, Sytar Volodymyr — Impact of solid spherical fillers on physical and mechanical properties of composite coatings based on phenilone.


10. Kazymyr Volodymyr, Yurchenko Denis — The method of motion detection for mobile cameras or for cameras with PTZ function.
11. Zarovsky Ruslan, Radchenko Andrii — Architecture of software for video surveillance systems with different types of cameras.
12. Fomenko Volodymyr, Loutskii Heorhii, Rehida Pavlo, Volokyta Artem — Thematic texts generation issues based on recurrent neural networks and word2vec.


13. Denisov Yuri, Revko Anatolii, Sereda Oleg, Dymerets Andriy — Research of ways of increasing the energy efficiency of the system of the electric device of the unmanned aerial vehicle.
14. Shmelyov Yurii, Boyko Sergiy, Gorodniy Aleksiy, Chernikova Olena, Vladov Serhii — Electrical engineering complex for status of aviation batteries.
15. Shevchenko Viktor, Pakhaliuk Bohdan, Husev Oleksandr — Review the main technologies of the wireless charging of energy accumulators for small-purchasing systems.
16. Krasnozhon Oleksii, Shevchenko Roman, Khomenko Oleg, Veligorskyi Oleksandr — Review of high step-up dc-ac power electronics solutions without galvanic isolation.


17. Gomelya Nikolai, Ivanova Veronika, Trus Inna — Efficiency of extraction heavy metal ions from diluted solutions by ion-exchange methods.
18. Indutny Volodymyr, Merezhko Nina, Kaluga Nina — Commodity assessment of antique coins in the market of Ukraine.
19. Sizaya Olga, Savchenko Olesіa, Zhurok Iryna, Dorozhynska Maryna — Powder from the schrot of berries of kalina in the technology of production of wheat bread.
20. Zamorska Iryna — Content of toxic elements in strawberries and their processed products.
21. Kramarenko Dmytro, Dub Vladimir — Research of the hydrobiont adjuncts effect on the wheat flour gluten properties.
22. Motuzka Iuliia, Romanenko Olena, Kazachenko Svetlana — The solubility of products for enteral nutrition.
23. Pylypenko Tetiana, Riabchun Yuliya, Yefimova Veronica — Investigation of the quality of hand creams.
24. Fedorova Dina — The research of technological properties of dry fish&plant semi-products and their using in food technologies.
25. Danylуuk Inna — Technology of unleavened dough from Atherina Pontica powder and flour from germinated seeds of wheat.
26. Protsan Natalia, Oliynichuk Sergiу, Verbytskyi Sergiу — Effect of alkylresorcinols derivatives on the activity of enzyme preparations.


27. Ihnatenko Paul, Ihnatenko Elena — The effect of wood drying on its strength.
28. Kvartenko Alexander, Prysiazhniuk Ihor — Modelling the kinetics of ferrum compouunds removal in a bioreactor.
29. Korniіenko Ihor, Tereshchuk Oleksii, Korniіenko Svitlana, Koshma Artem — Correction of statistical indicators for weather conditions for the winter period of clearing the high-road network using web-resources data.
30. Kryachok Serhiі, Mamontova Liudmyla, Haistruk Roman — Determination of a constant correction of rangefinder of electronic ttotal station with using a new device for removal of coordinates from wall marks.