№1 (15), 2019 Technical sciences and technology


1. Bolotov Maksym, Bolotov Gennadyi, Prybytko Iryna, Novomlinets Oleg — Evaluation of a stress and strain state of diffusion-welded joints of different materials received in heating In glow discharge.
2. Dubyk Yaroslav, Seliverstova Iryna, Bogdan Andrii — Application of short and long cylindrical shell solutions for stress-strain state analysis in pipes with angular misalligment.
3. Gerasimenko Oleksiy, Markov Oleg — Development of scientific bases of computer simulation of hot deformation processes.
4. Kalchenko Vitalii, Kalchenko Volodymyr, Kuzhelnyi Yaroslav, Morochko Volodymyr — Determination of cutting forces during finishing grinding of the cylindrical surface of the shaft.
5. Sliednikova Olena, Vynnyk Volodymyr, Sklyar Vasyl, Aksonova Olga — Modular 3d modeling of tools, process of adaptation Removal and forming at milling the cams with crossing Tools and details.
6. Sira Nataliia, Kolohoida Antonina, Kalchenko Dmytro — Definition of force cutting at fair grinding of cylindrical and needle roller surface of a textile machine.
7. Mykhalkiv Serhii, Falendysh Anatoliy, Bulba Vladyslav, Khodakivskyi Andrii — Application of the spectral kurtosis for the traction gearbox vibrodiagnostics of an electric train.
8. Shapovalov Oleg, Kolesnik Denis, Pilipenko Oleg — Oscillation processes in gearing of aviation reducers and way of increase of their vibrational durability.
9. Fedorynenko Dmytro, Sapon Serhii — Hydrostatic spindle for ultra-precision two-sided machining.
10. Maidaniuk Serhii, Kovalova Liubov — Computer modeling of the disk tool for screw guns drills.


11. Andrushchenko Roman — Comparative analysis of the performance characteristics of data serialization methods in computer networks.
12. Bunke Oleksander — Advantages of cloud technologies when used in the Internet of Things (IoT).
13. Loutskii Heorhii, Volokyta Artem, Rehida Pavlo, Goncharenko Olexandr — Using excess code to design fault-tolerant topologies.
14. Usov Yaroslav — Problems of the informational environment protection.
15. Huriev Volodymyr — The system of indicators of inter-level balance: aggregate form.


16. Anikin Pavlo, Beliak Ievgen — Analysis of the effectiveness of multi-level data coding for multilayer photoluminescent information recordin.
17. Zhuchenko Oleksii — Control of dynamic objects with distributed parameters using predictive models.


18. Nataliia Buialska, Kupchyk Olena, Denisova Natalya — Use of sorbents for reducing the concentration of heavy metals in milk raw material.
19. Dorohovich Victoriya, Donets Anna — Reduction of glycemicity and calorium of gingerbread by application of sugar substitutes maltotol and isomaltitol.
20. Zhygunov Dmytro, Kovalova Vasylyna, Kovalov Mikhailo, Korytnyuk Olena — Indicators determination of individual flows quality streams from the plant with the reduced scheme of the technological process.
21. Trus Inna, Gomelya Nikolai, Melnychenko Yevheniia, Mihranova Valeriia — Water purification from heavy metal ions using sedimentation, nanofiltration and flotation.
22. Mykhailova Halyna, Osiievska Valentyna, Galko Svitlana, Ozymok Galyna — Quality and safety research of pillows fillers and covers materials for sleep.
23. Osyka Victor, Koptiukh Leonid, KomakhaVolodymyr, Shulga Olga, Mostyka Kostiantyn — Paper-forming properties of cellulose of different types and degrees of grinder.
24. Palamarek Karina — The use of developed vegetable pastes with iodine-containing raw materials in the technology of rolls with vegetable stuffing.


25. Ivanyshyn Volodymyr, Chornyi Yehor — Factors of the formation of the chemical composition of underground waters of the chernigov deposit and organization of zones of sanitary protection of their.
26. Kryachok Serhiі — Researches of criteria for determination of residual systematic errors in the results of double geodetic measurements unequal accuracy.
27. Deshko Valerii, Bilous Inna, Maksimenko Aleksandra — Modern problems of the heating system of multi-apartment buildings.
28. Tereshchuk Oleksii, Sakhno Yevhen, Shcherbak Yuliia, Zymovets Dariia — Conducting thermal important monitoring of buildings and constructions energy saving .