№2 (2), 2015 Technical sciences and technology

1. Kharzhevskyi Viacheslav — Method of sixfold interpolation nodes determination for the synthesis of circular path generating linkage mechanisms.
2. Khomenko Ivan — Boundary сlearances in the dual teeth gearing.


3. Bohomia Volodymyr — Strengthening the operation of marine systems.
4. Kalchenko Vitalii, Sliednikova Olena, Kalchenko Dmytro — 3d-modeling of tool, the process of removal of allowance and formation in grinding with crossed axes of torus surface and circles.
5. Filonenko Sergey — Simulation of acoustic emission legitimacies during the change of composite material cutting depth.
6. Nekrasov Serhii, Kudin Serhii — Internal combustion engine with variable volume of the working chamber.


7. Bolotov Maksym, Hanieiev Tіmur, Novomlinets Oleg, Prybytko Iryna — New dirrection of applycation of titanium aluminides.
8. Hanieiev Tіmur — Features of diffusion interaction of copper and molybdenum during the pressure welding.
9. Lavrova Yelena — Study of melting process of strip electrode with forced electrode metal transfer.
10. Novomlinets Oleg, Oleksiienko Serhii, Yushchenko Svitlana, Martynenko Volodymyr — Investigation of aluminium deformation kinetics under high temperatures.
11. Hanieieva Tetiana — Development of approaches to choosing optimal construction of welded units of bikes frames.


12. Holub Serhii, Zhyriakova Iryna — New approach for knowledge conceptualization.
13. Vitalii Zatserkovnyi, Huriev Volodymyr, Poznii Vasyl — Evaluation of the investment climate of the territories by geoportals.
14. Kazymyr Volodymyr, Нerasymenko Oksana — Using data mining techniques for meteorological figures analysis.
15. Tomashevskyі Valentyn, Nekhai Valentyn — Means of imitating modelling for educating, based оn gpss language.
16. Gorbenko Petr, Kovtun Anatolii, Rohoza Oleksandr, Sholomiy Yuriy — Electron-hole recombination in potassium chloride crystals when excited by light from the f-absoption band.
17. Dmytriiev Volodymyr — Limit range of conditions operation of the parachute systems for precautions airdrop safety.
18. Zaritskyi Oleh — Conception of perspective information staff systems.
19. Ilienko Maryna, Runovska Liudmyla — Quaternions as mathematical tools in computer graphics: methodological aspects.
20. Korniіenko Ihor — Method of automation of process of expert assessment of land.
21. Korniіenko Ihor, Koshma Artem — Modelling of restrictions of placement of container platforms of separate collecting municipal solid waste.
22. Mekhed Dmytro — Information security in computer networks.
23. Pavlenko Anatoliі — Approach to substantiation of the comparative analysis method choice for aeronautical technics technical level assessment in the informational and analytical system.
24. Prysiazhnyi Volodymyr, Butko Ihor, Ozhіnskyi Victor, Moroz Viacheslav — Single channel satellite imagery data visualization model.
25. Solomakha Valerii, Verovko Mariya — The study of algorithms for asymmetric cryptosystems.
26. Hebura Yurii — Principles of mathematical modelling of treelike recognition systems.
27. Laktionov Oleksandr — Model of evaluation of level of professional competence of specialists of modern hi-tech productive processes.
28. Lytvyn Vadym, Marhasov Dmytro — The algorithmization and correction of the level of consistency during the process of ranking factors in the informational system of energy efficiency analysis.
29. Mikhaylyuk Ivan, Litvinov Vitaliy — System of collecting of primary data for computer-aided system of agricultural enterprise.
30. Рalamarchuk Viktor — Risk analysis in air navigation systems.
31. Khomenko Inna — Combining space grammars and geometric models: synthesis, modifying and comparison.
32. Litvinov Vitaliy, Khomenko Inna, Skakalina Olena — The concept 5pl-logistics as a means of infrastructure development national agricultural holdings.


33. Husev Oleksandr — Small signal model of single-phase quasi-z-source inverter with coupled inductors.


34. Sizaya Olga, Savchenko Olesіa, Kovalenko Maryna, Tymkova Iryna — Iodine deficit and rational feed.
35. Vorobiova Viktoriia, Chyhyrynets Olena, Yefimova Veronica, Pylypenko Tetiana, Trus Inna — Comparative evaluation of the composition of hop cones extract of aromatic and bitter varieties.
36. Vorobiova Viktoriia, Chyhyrynets Olena, Ckiba Margarita — Theoretical research of adsorption of organic compounds of the extract of processing grapes waste.
37. Humeniuk Oksana, Кseniuk Мariia, Shupylo Krystyna, Semenyuk Неlena — Using of flavored oil in baking buns bakery products.
38. Mykhailova Halyna, Hilevich Yuliia — Electrical safetu of bedding products with volumetric fillers.
39. Motuzka Iuliia — The research of needs of the target categories of consumers in products for special medical purposes.
40. Nezdolii Andrii — The research of quality indicators of sweets for people with static-physical loads.


41. Belyaev Nikolay, Tsygankova Svetlana — Cfd simulation of air ion regime in the premises.