№1 (3), 2016 Technical sciences and technology

1. Hrytsіuk Vitaliі — Calculation of transversal impact by a body on a free rod.


2. Kuznetsov Iurii — Teaching and research laboratory of small-sized mechine tools with computer management on a modular principle.
3. Mikhailau Mikhail — Influence of statistical parameters and forms of removable multifaceted plates on the precision of their location relative to the housing modular tool.
4. Filonenko Sergey — The description of acoustic radiation energy during the change of properties of machined composite material.
5. Anisimov Vladimir, Anisimov Vladimir, Chuprina Alexandr — Progressive research directions in the sphere of cutting forces measurement in turning.
6. Veremei Gennadii — The efficiency analysis of valve seats overhaul process in auto repairing industry.
7. Kovalova Liubov, Maidaniuk Serhii — Modeling of cutting forces circular saws with multi-directional teeth.
8. Lytvyn Oleksandr, Kravets Oleksandr, Yashchuk Iryna — Relationship between morphology of clamping chuck with the features of constructive and functional structures’ synthesis.
9. Pasov Hennadii, Venzheha Volodymyr, Rudyk Andrii — Animation simulation of mechanisms for creating reverse rotary motion.
10. Rudyk Andrii — Definition of cutting thickness of wheel edge taking into account the surface condition and kinematics.


11. Taranova Tatiana, Vrzhizhevskii Eduard, Solomiichuk Tatyana, Polovetskii Evgenii, Novomlinets Oleg — The influence of the modes of heat treatment on the structure and properties of the welded connections of the heat-resistant titanium alloy carried out using the electron-beam welding.


12. Moshel Mykola, Hrytsenko Mykola, Rohoza Oleksandr, Kovtun Anatolii, Tepla Tetiana — Workshop on physics of liquid crystals in the process of learning of students of engineering specialties.
13. Mukhin Vadym, Kornaha Yaroslav — Efficiency analysis of requests’ processing by the server in the heterogeneous distributed databases.
14. Sakhno Yevhen, Marhasov Dmytro, Korniiets Kateryna — Building of information-measuring system for monitoring the energy efficiency of buildings and structures.
15. Vavilenkova Anastasiіa — The structure of information technology of text documents comparative analysis.
16. Voіtenko Volodymyr, Fedorova Oksana, Yershov Roman — Electronic system for bioelectrical signal registration and processing.
17. Volokyta Artem, Kondratіuk Vitaliі — Research of the possibility of simulation of the cloud systems with the cellular automaton.
18. Koshma Artem, Korniіenko Svitlana, Korniіenko Ihor — Development of a network’s model of separate collection of solid waste.
19. Kryachok Serhiі — Improvement of the method determining constant correction electronic rangefinder with installation of the devices in line.
20. Revko Anatolii, Fesenko Artem — Electronic system of pattern recognition for partly autonomous mobile platform on bengt ilon wheels.
21. Malik Tetiana, Burachek Vsevolod, Bryk Yaroslav — Method automatic geodetic total control deformation of engineering structures.
22. Naumenko Tetiana — Peculiarities of management of the electronic toolbox development in the structure of the knowledge quality evaluation system.
23. Masheiko Hanna, Orlovskyi Dmytro — Information technology of diagnostics and analysis of the state of clients for the company that supports customer-oriented strategy.
24. Kazymyr Volodymyr, Lytvyn Svitlana, Posadska Alina — Real time network planning in cloud.
25. Verovko Mariya, Posadska Iryna — Analysis and comparison of the functionality of network monitoring tools.


26. Myhailenko Vladyslav, Sapehin Anatolii, Levochka Kateryna, Karpchuk Hanna, Dromov Roman, Babenko Anastasiia — Study of the electric magnetic processes in semiconductor converter with nineteen zoned regulation of the output voltage .
27. Naumchyk Pavlo, Myrontsov Vitalii — The universal device for determining the efficiency of light sources.
28. Betsa Mykhailo — Implementation of electrical energy generating installations.


29. Sydorenko Olena, Yakobchuk Yulііa, Pobedash Mykola — Market of bottled mineral water in ukraine:problems of quality and safety.
30. Bondar Оlena — Inhibition action of pyrimidine derivatives on corrosion of midl steel.
31. Humeniuk Oksana, Кseniuk Мariia, Ilin Ruslan — Improving of the method for producing white bread with addition of wheat grains.
32. Zolotukhina Inna — Determination of optimum ratio of components of protein-carbohydrate semi-product.
33. Pylypenko Tetiana, Chyhyrynets Olena, Vorobiova Viktoriia, Yefimova Veronica — Investigation of the physical and chemical indexes of quality of the cosmetic cleansers which form suds.
34. Savchenko Olesіa, Sizaya Olga, Zinchenko Yulia, Derkach Tetiana, Mykhailova Maryna — The impact of chicory, coffee and lemon juice on the enzymatic activity of yeast and the quality of wheat bread.
35. Savchenko Olesіa, Sizaya Olga, Kovalenko Maryna, Kupchyk Olena — Phyto supplements based on green shoots of wheat in bread making.


36. Sakhno Yevhen, Dvoieglazova Maryna, Itchenko Dmytro — The establishment of a training laboratory for determination of parameters of quality of production processes.
37. Dubrovskaia Victoria, Perevaryukha Andrey, Soloveva Inna — The crisis in the simulation technology of population processes and options for its correction.
38. Nikiforov Aleksei, Meneiliuk Ivan, Ershov Michail — The selection of alternatives during emergency repair and constructive and technological constrains.