№2 (4), 2016 Technical sciences and technology

1. Pilipenko Oleg, Poluyan Anatolii — Algorithm of calculation and selection of optimal parameters of multimass chain transmission.


2. Fedorynenko Dmytro, Kosmach Оleksandr, Bezruchko Viacheslav, Sapon Serhii — Experimental evaluation of energy processes of cnc machining.
3. Bokhanov Іvan, Kryachok Serhiі, Mamontova Liudmyla — Analisys information support in avtonavigation maps.
4. Kryvyi Petro, Kobelnyk Volodymyr, Krupa Volodymyr, Yakovlev Volodymyr — Boring tools with conjugate-asymmetric allocation of cutters for machining of deep cylinder holes.
5. Kryachok Serhiі, Bokhanov Іvan, Mamontova Liudmyla — The influence of the size of the reflecting surface of the reflector on the accuracy of distance measurement by electronic total station.
6. Shapovalov Oleg, Kolesnik Denis, Zhurakhov Oleksyi, Bolotov Gennadyi — History and trends of development of the wheeled armored fighting machines.


7. Berezin Leonid, Prybytko Iryna, Hanieiev Tіmur — Physical contact influence on formation of the welding connection in hard phase of dielectrics with metals.


8. Kosolap Аnatoliy, Dovgopola Alona — Optimization of reliability of complex technical systems with limited resources for their service.
9. Akymenko Andrii, Bivoyno Taras — Automated system for teachers’ rating in Chernihiv national university of technology.
10. Balchenko Iryna — Issues of the development of heterogeneous distributed database management systems.
11. Bespalko Ruslan, Yarova Yuliia — Implementation of geospatial data infrastructure by the inspire directive.
12. Huriev Volodymyr, Firsova Irina — Cloud computing in universities of Ukraine.
13. Zaritskyi Oleh — Study of mutual influence of the structural elements of information models competences and professional activities.
14. Ivanets Sergey, Krasnozhon Oleksii — The search for an optimal degree approximation of the surface control for maximum power point tracking system of photovoltaic converter.
15. Kovalenko Svitlana — Graphic part of professional competence future civil engineer.
16. Korniіenko Ihor, Korniіenko Svitlana, Koshma Artem — Modeling of intensity of the solid waste flow to container yards.
17. Korniіenko Ihor, Rozumets Volodymyr — The system of quality evaluation of topographic sheets.
18. Nesterenko Sergiy, Akymenko Andrii, Нerasymenko Oksana, Kamak Yuri, Gerashchenko Maksim — Functional stratification of the unmanned aviation vehicles control system’s structures.
19. Tereshchuk Oleksii, Nystoriak Ivan — Modern technologies of processing and results analysis of gnss-observations on the regional level.
20. Shcherbak Yuliia, Bryn Mikhail — Analysis of geodetic support of land cadaster in Ukraine.
21. Laktionov Oleksandr, Silvestrov Anton — Mechanisms for implementation of automated competency assessment system at the industrial enterprises of Ukraine and its place in the human resource management system.
22. Nekhai Valentyn — Soil as the object of information technologies of modelling and prognosticating.
23. Kazymyr Volodymyr, Mokrohuz Andrii — Information technologies of mobile applications development.
24. Nikitenko Yevheniy, Verovko Mariya — Features of the design of software products for online marketing services.


25. Vishnevskyi Sviatoslav, Boyko Sergiy, Gorodniy Aleksiy — Formation the integral index of heterogeneity of electric systems with long-range power transmission.
26. Voіtenko Volodymyr, Yatsenko Sergiy — Control system for the research of intelligent ballast of light-emitting diodes.


27. Boyko Sergiy, Yeroshenko Andriy — Modeling of physical and mechanical properties of modified wood by finite elements.
28. Vorobiova Viktoriia, Chyhyrynets Olena, Yefimova Veronica, Pylypenko Tetiana, Vasylkevych Аleksandr, Pichakhchi Vladyslav — The research component composition of biologically active compounds alcoholic extract of crest grapes.
29. Golovach Valentin, Baranova Olha — Influence of plywood defect parameters on the harmonic distortion coefficient of shock sensor output signal.
30. Yeroshenko Andriy, Boyko Sergiy — Study physical and mechanical properties of wood composites.
31. Solomakha Iryna, Zhabynska Alona — Impact of storage methods on quality of bulbous root vegetables.
32. Podkovko Oksana, Polishchuk Halyna, Gurieieva Valentyna — Scientific rationale of butter paste composition.


33. Denisov Yuri, Denisova Natalya — Influence of electromagnetic radiation on the health of workers of electric power enterprises.
34. Kupchyk Olena, Derii Zhanna — The ecological state of wayside stripe according to bioindication and chemical indexes.
35. Movenko Victor, Novyk Petro — Organization of environmental protection areas of the Chornobyl zone.
36. Narovlianska Oleksandra — Monitoring of agricultural lands of a territorial unit.
37. Buhay Viktor, Ivanyshyn Volodymyr, Dudko Valentyn — Geotechnical studies for construction sites of 5-storey residential building on Nezalezhnosti street in the III district array «Masany» in Chernihiv.