№3 (5), 2016 Technical sciences and technology

1. Burachek Vsevolod, Khomushko Dmytro, Kryvoberets Serhiy, Stalinskaya Julia — Technique to study the angular deviation of the kenning glass of sighting axis of the geodesic instrument at focusing.
2. Pilipenko Oleg, Poluyan Anatolii — Afterproject diagnostics and efficiency of application of the меthod of multimass chain drive projecting.
3. Khomenko Ivan — Maximum possible gaps in vibroshock pairs.
4. Dmytriienko Roman, Paliienko Oleksandr — Building of a real diagram of deformation through the example of thin-walled cylindrical sleeve with thickness deviation with bottoms, made of steel 20.


5. Kalchenko Vitalii, Kalchenko Volodymyr, Kuzhelnyi Yaroslav — Analysis of methods of research of thermal stress during the grinding process.
6. Venzheha Volodymyr, Rudyk Andrii, Pasov Hennadii — The features of the process of utilization of cars under the law of Ukraine "On utilization of vehicles".
7. Kosmach Оleksandr, Sapon Serhii, Bezruchko Viacheslav, Fedorynenko Dmytro — Experimental evaluation of energy efficiency of machine tool drive on auxiliary transitions.
8. Sira Nataliia — Modular 3D-modeling of tools, processes of stock removal and shaping in grinding with crossed axes of cylindrical shaft and abrasive wheel.
9. Sliednikova Olena — Modular modeling of wheels’ profiles, stock removal and formation with bilateral grinding of ends of non-circular details.
10. Shapovalov Oleg, Kolesnik Denis, Zhurakhov Oleksyi, Bolotov Gennadyi — Structural features of the modern reserved machines with the wheeled formula 4×4.


11. Kazakov Anatolii, Shapovalov Hennadii — Simulation of the spaces of phase coexistence in solid solutions with using of different thermodynamic models.
12. Bolotov Maksym — Optimization of the deposition process of thin metal films in glow discharge with hollow cathode.


13. Kazymyr Volodymyr, Posadska Alina — Dynamic risk assessment of the work plan implementation by simulation modeling.
14. Litvinov Vitaliy, Posadska Iryna, Saveliev Maxim — Architecture of knowledge-oriented automated system of learning.
15. Voіtenko Volodymyr, Bilorus Ihor — Inel-STM education board.
16. Zaritskyi Oleh — Theoretical basis of standardizing of basic rules of expert system of professional activity analytical estimation.
17. Ivanets Sergey, Krasnozhon Oleksii — The study of work of neuro fuzzy system of tracking the point of maximum power of photovoltaic inference.
18. Kryachok Serhiі, Poterukha Valentyn — Experimental study of the constant of an electronic tachometer in the field conditions.
19. Kungurtsev Alexei, Kovalchuk Serhiy, Potochniak Iana, Shirokostup Maxim — Creating the domain vocabulary on the basis of automated analysis of ukrainian texts.
20. Nedashkivskyi Yevhen — The mechanisms for determining fractality in terms of linguistic modeling.
21. Kazymyr Volodymyr, Mokrohuz Andrii — Selecting a base application layer protocol to transfer data in the client-server architecture.
22. Palaščáková Dominika — Methods of on-line and off-line programming in the production process.
23. Palaščáková Dominika, Badida Miroslav — Robotized workplace impact on the environment.


24. Alekseyevskiy Dmitriy, Pankova Olga, Shchipanskiy Pavel — Research of operating point coordinate influence on the parameters of a wind turbine model with aerodynamic multiplication.


25. Ihnatenko Paul, Ihnatenko Elena, Sapon Serhii — Analysis of quality of drying of saw-timbers on the final stage of technological process of drying.
26. Solomakha Iryna, Zhabynska Alona, Shevchenko Kateryna — Efficiency of appliing of nutrient solution for wet storage of cut carnations remontant.
27. Fedorova Dina — Physicochemical and biochemical parameters of dry fish&plant semi-product quality.
28. Cheliabiieva Viktoriia, Havryk Maryia, Lytvynenko Alena — Safety use of fruit and berries in food production.


29. Kovalenko Oleksandr, Kriazhych Оlha — Research of dependencies of migration of tritium in the chain “melting water of the snow cover – plant”.
30. Ckiba Margarita, Pivovarov Alexander, Makarova Anna, Vorobiova Viktoriia, Gnatko Elena — Plasma-chemical discharge treated water and water solutions for drinking water disinfection.
31. Nekhai Valentyn, Litvinov Vitaliy — Retrospective analysis of information technologies of modelling and forcasting of soil fertility state.
32. Кhryshchuk Svitlana — Methodical aspects of forming ecologically safe land-tenure.
33. Romanko Roma — Improving monitoring models of lands affected by natural hazards on INSPIRE basis.