№4 (6), 2016 Technical sciences and technology

1. Bakalov Valery, Skrypnyk Sofia, Cherednichenko Petr, Ihnatenkov Alexander — Study of geometric parameters of foster-cooling equipment on the width of the formability of the polymer film.
2. Synyuk Oleh — The method of calculating effective resilient properties of oriented polymers.


3. Kalchenko Vitalii, Venzheha Volodymyr, Sliednikova Olena, Kalchenko Dmytro — Theoretical and experimental investigations process stock removal, wheels wear, forming accuracy and thermal voltage at grinding of ends part.
4. Kalchenko Vitalii, Kalchenko Volodymyr, Yeroshenko Andriy, Sira Nataliia — Theoretical and experimental investigations process stock removal, wheel wear, forming accuracy and thermal voltage at grinding of cylindrical and stepped shafts with crossed axes of part and wheel.
5. Honchar Natalia, Stepanov Dmitriy, Kuchugurov Mark — Economic substantiation of choosing of shank of GTE blades edges finishing.
6. Yeroshenko Andriy, Paliy Andriy — Modeling of cutting forces in the working processes of abrasive grinding.
7. Rudyk Andrii, Sliednikova Olena, Podzolkina Alina, Kutsiy Oleg — Selection modes for effective grinding surface rotation.
8. Kolohoida Antonina — Determining the cutting forces during clothing wire are being grinded.
9. Lytvyn Olexandr — Methodologies of diagnosis and control of GPU.


10. Falchenko Yurii, Petrushynets Lidiia, Ustinov Anatolii, Melnichenko Tatiana, Novomlinets Oleg, Gusarova Irina — Diffusion welding in vacuum thin sheet of nickel alloy.


11. Zaitsev Serhii, Bashinskaya Olga, Kamak Yuri, Horlynskyi Borys — Research methods of increasing information reliability of current unmanned aviation systems.
12. Litvinov Vitaliy, Posadska Iryna — Domain formalized presentation design based on its text and graphic descriptions.
13. Kazymyr Volodymyr, Zarovsky Ruslan, Radchenko Andrii — Normalization method of license plate image in case of its recognition by means of video surveillance.
14. Kazymyr Volodymyr, Karpachev Igor — Application’s control supply to system security method based on embedded threat models.
15. Stetsenko Inna, Leshchenko Kateryna — Stochastic Petri nets visual programming intellectual component.
16. Zuban Yuriy, Tetiana Lavryk, Ivanets Sergey — Integrated development environment for distant courses based on project approach.
17. Vladimir Balaz, Semjon Jan, Rudolf Rusnak — Assembly workstation with visual system OMRON F150-3 for the recognition of components.
18. Janos Rudolf, Marek Sukop, Jozef Varga, Vaclav Kubak, Jaromir Jezny — Precise positioning actuators with stepper motor.
19. Janos Rudolf — Mobility of self reconfiguring systems of robots platform.
20. Ondrej Jurus, Marek Sukop, Michal Spak, Miroslav Stofa — Extension functional properties of robot.
21. Semjon Jan, Vagas Marek, Vladimir Balaz — The proposal of modules for intelligent end-effectors.
22. Marek Sukop, Jozef Varga, Janos Rudolf, Michal Spak, Ondrej Jurus — Poor optical sensor for mobile robots in education.
23. Tuleja Peter — Working accuracy of industrial robots and methodology for its verification.
24. Vagas Marek, Vladimir Balaz, Semjon Jan, Putala Jozef — Methodological process for creation of palletizing – assembly workplace.
25. Jozef Varga, Janos Rudolf, Marek Sukop, Mikulas Hajduk, Duchovic Peter, Bezak Martin — Measurment of bead wire circumference via optical sensor.
26. Jozef Varga, Janos Rudolf, Marek Sukop, Mikulas Hajduk, Duchovic Peter, Bezak Martin — The proposal of two methods for measure weight of bead wires.
27. Ján Zbojovský, Pavol Liptai, Marek Moravec — Modelling and calculating the shielding effectiveness of building materials.


28. Cheliabiieva Viktoriia, Kostyuchenko Anna, Semenyuk Неlena — The use of natural antioxidants for the manufacture of preserved pastry goods.
29. Gora Roman, Ihnatenko Paul — Materials for wood products.


30. Martynov Sergii, Minaeva Nataliya, Kunitskyi Sergiy — Groundwater purification for drinking purposes in tower deferrization installations.
31. Siemaka Oleksii — A comprehensive approach cleaning of soil layers from oil.